the business side of wine

Friends toasting with a glass of wine

direct-to-consumer solutions

Being smart while looking smart
spells success for your staff and your business

visitor center

Boost efficiency, manage staff and greet visitors with confidence.

Create great experiences by providing personalized memorable service.

Track visitor counts, purchases, club signups and conversion rates.

point of sale

An easy to use pos system that offers best in class service to your customers.

All the functionality you expect in a powerful, secure pos system.

Vital information with customer alerts at all touch points so you never miss an opportunity.

Supports flexible configurations for all environments; online, offline, ipad, windows, premise or cloud - mix and match.

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food service

If you prepare food in a kitchen, you need a pos system capable sending orders to your kitchen.

Our kitchen printing features support sending food orders to one of four food stations for quick preparation.

Track tabs and give your customers time to relax and enjoy their friends and visit experience.

wine club

Customer loyalty is a key indicator that your wine club programs are doing their job.

Offer multiple club tiers with customization and special handling. Your customers will enjoy membership benefits through free tastings, pickup parties and discounts.

Manage memberships and process clubs quickly and accurately with few steps.

Tracks club incentive programs for club signups by sales associate, club revenues and gifted memberships.

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Never has it been easier to track retail sales and maintain stocking levels while managing price, turns and profit margin.

Track vendor profitability and set automatic re-order trigger points.

Classify products by type, size, inventory and taxable status. Set pricing and discount rules.

Build packaged bundles to sell under one sku.

Print price labels and auto-generate barcodes or use existing barcodes.


E-commerce is an invaluable tool for your winery.

While in-store revenue makes up the bulk of your sales, your customers will expect an online shopping option that allows them to make purchases, join your wine club, receive discounts, track their orders or update their profile.

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Never miss an opportunity! Drive your customers to action by offerring the right product, at the right time, through the right channel, using the right message.

Our Bullseye marketing tools target customers with pin-point accuracy based on customer buying habits, preference, channel, frequency and dollars spent.

Advanced segmentation and business intelligence tools provide powerful list generation so you can build and track effective email campaigns.

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Easily manage sales at your music series, pickups parties, other events, festivals and farmers markets.

For ticketed events, track ticket sales, provide customer check-in points and print guest lists.

Easy to use mobile point-of-sale system makes it easy to quickly process transactions, anywhere, anytime.


Why not make it easy for your customers to book a reservation at your winery?

Using a reservation system, you will book more appointments, save time, and cut costs over phone calls and emails.

A reservation system increases customer satisfaction, enhances customer experience, and makes it easy so they do not decide to book elsewhere.

Our reservation solution recognizes your customers so discounts can be offered to wine club members, VIP's, etc. during the booking process.

customer success

Provide first class service to your customers and enhance customer experience through personalized service.

Track key data points such as wine preference, spouses name, lifestyle, anniversary, kids, animals, travel, leisure and more!

Set alerts, view notes, see preferences, memberships, pickups and order history at the point of sale.

sales & fulfillment

Track and report sales by channel; tasting room, wine club, e-commerce, events, wholesale and samples.

Managed order processing supports multiple fulfillment centers, shipper preference by state and enforces compliance restrictions.

Track order cycles by status; paid, not paid, pickup or ship, shipped or picked up, etc.

Automated fulfillment process; billing, pickup/ship notifications, shipping label generation, order tracking and compliance reporting.


Manage inventory in multiple locations; tasting room, warehouse, etc. Recognizes tax paid and bonded inventories.

Differentiates between wine and non-wine items.

Simple to use adjust, receive and transfer options with full audit and transaction history.

Tracks and reports samples by type; pours, donations, marketing, etc.

Volumetric reporting includes bottles, cases, gallons, liters by tax class.

Create and/or use existing barcodes for quick accurate tracking.

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tax, compliance & accounting

Wine Software is an accounting solution that tracks all the details of your sales, tax, compliance, inventory, samples and deposits to give you a precise, accurate picture of your business.

Save time and integrate your sales data with QuickBooks for quick bank reconciliation and financial reporting.

Using a gap analysis approach to accounting, set and measure goals to plot your success path.

Manage liabilities - collect and report sales tax for local and out of state shipments - by state, county and city. Enforced compliance by state for alcohol shipments and excise tax and sales tax reporting.

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payment solutions

Fast, secure, reliable payment processing.

We understand that 3+% of your business goes to merchant processing fees. Wine Software takes this seriously which is why we offer specialized services to manage the fees associated with your merchant processing.

Interchange rates, cost+ pricing with low fee structure.

Wine Software works direct with its payment processing partners and routinely monitors accounts for activity and fee levels.

Advanced order processing techniques prevent unnecessary activity against your merchant account to optimize transaction volume and lower monthly fees.

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Have multiple tasting room locations? No problem! Our Multi-Site module can handle it.

Tracks multiple sales locations.

Independant, or consolidated reporting across locations.

Customer recognition at all locations.

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