the business side of wine

Customer service representative wearing headset

payment solutions

Wine Software is a one-stop shop when it comes to payment processing. Whether you are processing for retail, wine club or e-commerce, we’re committed to helping you succeed by providing you a robust and affordable payment processing platform with data security and 24-hour customer service.

merchant services

Let’s face it, at least 97% of your direct sales revenue comes from credit cards. This is an area that matters and might be costing you a lot of money in fees. Call us for a free, no obligation pricing analysis to find out precisely how much you are paying in fees and what your options are to reduce this number so you can enjoy more profits without giving away the store.

interchange plus pricing

Our customers are offered interchange plus pricing so you know the true cost of every credit or debit card taken with full disclosure on how much you’re paying and how much goes to the card brands. Interchange plus pricing also insures pass-through of any payment processing interchange reductions or increases that may occur – so there are no surprises.

excellent customer service

Real time transaction monitoring enables our team to provide immediate service and support for your tasting room, wine club or e-commerce transactions. Call anytime for questions about your account, pricing, or reconciliation.