the business side of wine

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client on-boarding

We take a front seat role in the planning and implementation of your new software system.

The following outline can be used as a guideline for what to expect during your implementation. Depending of which products and/or services you purchase, your implementation may vary.

  • equipment survey – This survey is used to establish that you meet system requirements. We will identify what computers, devices, software and peripherals can be used, re-used, or need to be purchased. Once the survey is completed, items requiring attention are considered in the implementation timeline.
  • business survey – Analysis of your business processes, work flow, reporting and accessibility is performed and consists of information gathering that will assist us in configuring the software to meet your business requirements.
  • timeline – We will put together a timeline detailing each task needed for implementation. This takes into account timing of wine club processing, events, weekends/holidays, etc. Tasks may include items such as software installation, data entry/conversion, merchant account setup, physical installation, training, go-live, first wine club run, first month-end, etc.
  • software installation – Remotely installed, this step involves loading software to your server and workstations and performing initial system setup using information gathered in the business survey.
  • system setup / data entry - Together with your staff, a review of system setup is followed by basic training on data entry. If there is data conversion, this will take place at this time. Once data entry/conversion is completed, training on the point-of-sale can begin.
  • training – Our training service begins here. Once the system is ready to accept data, we will focus training on the necessary modules and procedures needed to get you up and running quickly. We offer many training courses, much of which is done after your go-live date.
  • go live – The system is brought live. Preparation may include labeling items on the retail floor, performing a physical inventory (Wine AND Non-Wine).

Our implementation process is thorough. We have found that proper planning and scheduling will provide a smooth transition making it a positive experience to all involved. You will be up and running in no time enjoying the benefits of your new Wine Software system!