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winery compliance software

Comprehensive compliance solution to manage alcohol compliance

winery compliance solutions

Compliance Manager helps you manage the enforcement level(s) of shipping regulations by state. Compliance checks are performed real-time on all transactions and are captured in detail for state reporting and audit.

built-in state level controls

With Compliance Manager, you can manage many state level compliance policies which include prohibited states (or regions), on/off premise sale restrictions, state to household limits, taxation and moreā€¦!

state sales tax

Wine Software's sales tax engine manages tax based on customer type, product type and/or by carried/shipped per each states regulation. Sales tax is collected for any and all combinations of tax rules. This is a very powerful feature when it comes to collection and reporting of sales tax and is easy to account for.

direct shipment reporting

We report on all aspects of direct shipment activity. In summary, or detail, by customer, by state in bottles, cases, gallons, by tax class.

integrates with 3rd party compliance providers

Among Wine Software's partners are a number of compliance providers who offer a variety of services and can assist with your compliance needs at any level. We strive to provide better service by working side by side with you and your compliance team.

compliance features

  •   multiple enforcement levels
  •   limit sales by address, bottles and gallons
  •   track out of state sales tax
  •   order exceptions handling
  •   delivery address validation
  •   USPS zip code database subscription
  •   shipping activity and sales tax reporting
  •   block shipments to specified states