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Know your customers

targeted marketing made easy

Using Wine Software, we’ll assume you’ve accumulated a rich set of customer activity. Now you need to do something with it.

With Bullseye, you can easily form questions about your customers to obtain a list of qualified candidates for a targeted campaign.

Lets say you were interested in identifying wine club members between the ages of 21 and 29 who purchased over $500 on red wine in the last quarter. Or perhaps a list of people who bought 3 or more bottles of a particular wine, or varietal at an event. Maybe you want to know who your case buyers are, or who purchases frequently through your web store. These and many other examples are typical of what Bullseye does best.

segmentation and targeted lists

Segment your customers and market to their preferences. Send email to your customers using your favorite online email provider. Create mail merges using Microsoft Word or export the list to an external mail house.

  • generate targeted lists
  • filter down in datasheet view and export
  • use the built-in contact management to generate emails and perform mail merges

discover sales opportunities

Want to know when a large purchase is made? Set a report to show you big buyers of any amount over any time frame. Want to re-sign-up canceled wine club members? Select canceled members by reason and re-target them with new offers.

bullseye marketing features

  •   use to find sales opportunities
  •   create and save bullseye queries
  •   generate lists by customer preference
  •   find your biggest buyers
  •   find your most frequent buyers
  •   generate lists for your email provider