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wine inventory management software

Managed, and under control

manage your wine inventory

Be it wine or non-wine, you have all the controls and tools to manage your inventory effectively.

track multiple locations

Tracks multiple inventory locations such as Tasting Room, Cellar, Warehouse, and Fulfillment House. Inventory Manager recognizes Tax Paid and Bonded locations and can report activity in bottles, cases, liters and gallons. Whether it is onsite or offsite, Microworks can track it.

multiple pricing levels

Specify multiple price levels for your customers. Assign price levels to different customer groups and let the software automatically select the appropriate pricing for your customer.

suggested reordering

Avoid out of stock conditions and lost sales on popular items by keeping track of where your inventory is and when to reorder. Specify minimum/maximum stocking levels and your desired reorder levels so you know when and how much to reorder.

  • maintain min/max/reorder levels
  • eliminates lost sales (increased profits)
  • reduce overstocking (decreased costs)

automatic barcode generation

Use existing barcodes, or automatically generate your own barcodes for products with the ability to scan your products for quick and accurate transactions at the cash register.

  • automatic barcode generation
  • print bar coded price labels
  • automatically prints labels for an inventory receipt

packages and gift packs

Want to put together a gift pack for the holidays, Valentine’s Day or Silver Pass Weekend? Now you can with Wine Software. The ability to create and sell packaged items through the back office and cash registers is built in!

  • holiday and special occasion packages
  • configure and sell verticals with accurate inventory depletion


Use the allocations feature to establish budgets by sales channel. Allocations can also be use to set and measure sales goals and minimize the risk of overselling on committed inventory. You can set an allocation for selected products or all products.

  • restrict overselling on committed quantities
  • tracks budgets and goals for each allocated product

volumetric conversions

Track the size and volume of each product for versatile reporting. Report in bottles, cases, 9L cases and gallons. Enter Receive, transfer, or adjustment by unit or case to minimize data entry errors.

  • convert from bottles to cases, liters or gallons
  • simplified data entry in any conversion minimizes errors

transaction oriented

Inventory transactions (sales, receipts, transfers, adjustments) are recorded and retained indefinitely giving you a full audit trail on any item, customer, user, or system activity. Inventory transaction reports are available in summary or detail.

  • historical capture on all transactions against your products
  • summary and detail transaction reporting and audit

physical inventory reconciliation

Have confidence in your inventory by reconciling on a regular basis. The Physical Inventory module allows you to take a snapshot of your inventory to reconcile book to physical.

  • periodic physical inventory reconciliation by location
  • reduce shrinkage by finding data entry errors as they happen

inventory features

  •   track multiple locations
  •   track up to six price levels
  •   three cost methods (avg/fixed/% of price)
  •   tax paid and bonded inventory
  •   allocations
  •   package items / gift baskets
  •   report in bottles or cases
  •   volumetric conversions
  •   inventory status by location
  •   min/max stocking levels
  •   suggested reorder reports
  •   automatic depletion of sales
  •   inventory allocation & availability
  •   adjust, receive and transfer
  •   automatic barcode/price label creation
  •   physical inventory reconcilliation