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Wine Club Management

No matter the size!
Wine Club Management Software

Multi-Level Wine Club Management

Track multiple wine club programs such as reds, whites, mixed, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc.

Membership Management

Keep your member information up to date, ensuring accurate billing and shipping information is always being used. Set subscription start/stop dates, mark gifted memberships with optional gift card. Specify whether a member is a pickup or ship member. View member purchase history, preference for shipments, or how long they’ve been a member. Use this information to contact them about events, promotional sales, or targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Keep member account information up to date
  • Specify pickup or ship
  • Target for sales / specials
  • Identify gift memberships with gift card
  • Suspend / un-suspend

Batch Order Creation

Microworks makes it easy to create orders and bill your wine club shipments. Simply set your shipping rates, select the products to include, click the mouse and you’re done! Create pickup or ship orders only (or both). You can also create orders for a specified state, join date, or custom criteria.

  • Create all your orders with just a couple clicks of the mouse
  • Specify pickup, ship, state, join date or custom criteria

Batch Payment Processing

Processing credit card orders is a snap! Select the group(s) of orders to authorize and click the mouse button to get instant authorization with results. Manage expired credit cards by proactively sending emails / postcards to members whose cards will expire prior to batch creation.

  • High speed credit authorization
  • Pro-active expiration date maintenance

Special Handling

Microworks tracks all the special handling needs for your club members right in their membership. Examples include ship address changes/swap, special shipping/handling instruction, product substitutions, special ship dates.

  • Specify one-time or perpetual special handling requests
  • Prompts to remind you of important customer requests

Membership Reporting

With our comprehensive reporting suite, you have the power at your fingertips to see who is a club member, what their buying patterns are and how often they visit the winery. Use this knowledge to maximize not only your profits but your club member’s experience with your winery.

  • See who is a member by club and how long
  • Identify buying patterns / trends
  • Identify attrition rates

Wine Club Features

  •   Subscription Management
  •   Membership Management
  •   Ship or Pickup Designation
  •   Gift Memberships
  •   Specify Gift Message
  •   Batch Order Creation
  •   Special Handling
  •   Manage Customer Preferences
  •   Automatic Shipping Charge Calculation
  •   Automatic Sales Tax Calculation
  •   Batch Payment Processing
  •   Proactive Credit Card Expiration Date Maintenance
  •   Cancelation Tracking with Reason Codes
  •   Commissions Reporting
  •   Track Signups by Sales Associate
  •   Membership Analysis Reporting
  •   ShipCompliant Integration