the business side of wine

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wine club management solution

Easily manage and operate your wine club

Bring loyalty to your brand

Keep your customers coming back for more! Wine clubs are a proven way to increase brand loyalty which leads to more sales. Easily operate a wine club without concern for how you'll keep track of it - Wine Software keeps track of it all for you!

multi-tiered clubs

Track unlimited wine club tiers by wine style, number of bottles, price and frequency.

membership management

Keeps membership information up to date ensuring accurate billing and shipment delivery. Set membership start/stop dates, manage gifted memberships. Suspend members to skip shipments and offer custom clubs. Tracks pickups and shipments and overall membership activities. Use member information for event invites, promotions or targeted marketing campaigns.

wine club processing

It can't get much easier to run a club. Select your wines for each membership tier, create club orders, process payments and create shipping labels - you’re done!

high speed payment processing

Processing credit cards is a snap! Select the group(s) of orders to authorize and click to get instant authorization results. Credit Card authorizations process at the rate of one second per member. Manage expired cards proactively by sending email and setting alerts at the point-of-sale.

special handling

Easily track and manage member requests such as address changes, shipping preference, wine preference, substitutions, ship dates and much more using our customer tickler task lists.

membership reporting

Our comprehensive reporting suite incorporates business intelligence used to filter reports to members activities such as buying patterns, frequency of purchase, dollars spent, channels purchased through, etc. Use this knowledge to maximize your profits by increasing your member’s experience with your brand.

wine club features

  •   membership management
  •   ship or pickup designation
  •   gift memberships
  •   specify gift message
  •   batch order creation
  •   special handling
  •   manage customer preferences
  •   cancellation tracking with reason codes
  •   automatic shipping charge calculation
  •   automatic sales tax calculation
  •   batch payment processing
  •   proactive credit card expiration date maintenance
  •   commission reporting
  •   track signups by sales associate
  •   membership analysis reporting
  •   shipcompliant integration