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Cash Manager Point-of-Sale

For getting the job done right
Winery Point of Sale Software

Point of Sale Made Easy

Whether you need a POS system in your tasting room, on the patio, at an outside tasting, or offline at a festival, Microworks point-of-sale is at your service! Enjoy streamlined, fast accurate transaction throughput using the wine industry’s easiest to use touch screen point-of-sale software with all the features expected of a sophisticated point-of-sale system.

Runs on iPad, Android, or Windows

Our Point-of-Sale system is available on most platforms. Choose from iPad, Android, or Windows. Mix and match. No matter your need, we can accommodate a variety of solutions.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers expect personalized service. So why not give it to them? After all, it is said that happy customers buy more wine! We invite you to put it to the test. Our point-of-sale system brings vital customer information to your fingertips so you can increase that personalized service.

Speed, Accuracy and Managed

Microworks development team has been authoring point-of-sale software since the early 1980’s. We understand the need for speed and accuracy during the checkout process. Sales associates are presented an intuitive flexible user-interface making it easy to operate with minimal training. Automatic pricing, discounting, taxation and shipping charges combined with seamless integration with our Compliance Manager keep your sales associates focused on the customer rather than on the ‘computer’.

Wine Club Pickups

Greet your wine club members with confidence. Manage wine club pickups at the register. Complete control over who has picked up, who has not, who has paid, who has not,… with optional electronic signature capture.

Cash Manager Features

  •   iPad, Android, Windows Platforms
  •   Touch Screen
  •   PC, Laptop or Tablet Options
  •   Offline Processing
  •   ShipCompliant
  •   Multiple Pricing Levels
  •   Package Item Bundling
  •   Customer Alerts
  •   Wine Club Membership Recognition
  •   View Customer Purchase History
  •   Training Mode
  •   Wine Club Pickup
  •   Split Tender
  •   Drawer Balancing Calculator
  •   Kitchen Printing
  •   Automatic Discounting by Customer Type
  •   Automatic Shipping Calculation
  •   Promo Transactions
  •   Campaign Source Tracking
  •   Open Tab Tracking
  •   Tips & Gratuities