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Accounting Solutions

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Winery Accounting and Winery Finance Software

Retail Accounting Just got Easier

When it comes to accounting, we must first understand that a pos retail system generally accounts for Inventory, Sales, Taxes, Costs and Expenses. As a winery, you must provide additional accounting to satisfy alcohol compliance regulations.

Microworks makes it easy to account for all of this by presenting easy and intuitive screens making transactions as simple as possible while maintaining a complete audit trail in detail.

Transaction Oriented – Completely Audited

Microworks manages a base set of easy to use features that translate into a fully accountable solution based on general accounting principles and best practices. Whether you are entering sales, or adjusting Inventory, our “Retail Engine” manages the rules and keeps track of all the details.

Chart of Accounts

Based on a built-in chart of accounts, transactions are organized to facilitate easy translation to your accounting software. Reports and Journal entry options are available for you to choose from when booking daily sales to your accounting software.

Tracking Samples

A winery must track samples, (i.e. Tasting Room or Marketing Samples). Let us show you how to easily organize these categories for efficient use in tracking of of your sample categories.

Accounting Integrated

And the best part is that Microworks is accounting system integrated! Do you use QuickBooks, or equivalent? No problem! Simply activate our accounting interface and enjoy huge time savings by having reports or journal entries automatically prepared for your accounting system. This turns hours into just minutes. Plus, we even have some tricks to simplify bank reconciliation! Let us show you how to connect the dots.

Accounting Features

  •   QuickBooks Integrated
  •   Fully Audited
  •   Transaction Oriented
  •   Simplified Reconcilliation Technique
  •   Follows Best Practices
  •   Detailed Reporting
  •   Chart of Accounts Management
  •   Tracks Samples