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Frequently Asked Questions

What would you like to know?

Who is Microworks?

Microworks is a pioneer of Wine Industry Software. Founded in 1991, Microworks began its journey working with small wineries in Northern California to automate their wine club and direct mail programs. Soon thereafter, Microworks was working with fulfillment houses and tasting rooms to automate those processes to increase efficiency. Today, Microworks’ team enjoys working with wineries across America and is known as an expert in the Direct to Consumer channel of the Wine Industry.

How long has Microworks been around?

Microworks was founded in 1991 and exclusively services the wine industry. With many years of wine industry experience, our team is very effective and understands the wine business.

How can Microworks help my winery?

Our products excel in managing sales, customers, inventory, marketing and accounting. You can track all customer activities and know exactly when to send offers. We provide you vital customer information at every touch point to increase personalized service. What’s more is that all of the accounting, compliance and inventory details are managed by the system. For the most part, all you have to do is focus on the customer and let the system handle the rest for you.

Is my winery too big or too small to use Microworks?

Our system is used by a wide range of winery clients – some as small as 300 cases and some as large as 1.5 million+ cases. Our system is easy to use for simple minded or marketing heavy businesses, yet can be scaled to manage multi-branded enterprise clients.

Does Microworks integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes, we are fully integrated with QuickBooks. Sales data rolls up into QuickBooks and can break down revenue by sales channel (tasting room vs. wine club vs. ecommerce vs. events).

Does Microworks offer training to its customers?

We offer training on all of our products. Training is instructor led online via GotoMeeting. Our training instructors are industry veterans, so not only will you learn about how to effectively use our products, but you will also benefit from our experience across 100’s of wineries along with tips and pointers on best practices and common use cases.

Does Microworks provide technical support?

Yes! Technical support is our #1 priority. Support is available to all our customers 7 days/wk at no extra charge. We invite you to call, or email us as often as you like with questions about our software, or to pick our brains about any subject related to your Microworks system. We are an extension of your business and are here for you anytime.

What are Microworks support hours?

Support is available 7 days a week. Business hours are posted on our contact page on this website.

How much does it cost to use Microworks software?

Our software services are charged monthly ranging from $168 (for really small wineries) to $500+ (for large wineries). Licensing is by location and based on many factors such as the number of registers, size of winery, location, etc. Schedule a free consultation with our sales team to get an exact price quote for your winery.

Are there additional costs for multiple users?

For the Back Office software, we do not charge additional for multiple users – one price, unlimited users. Point-of-Sale devices are charged on a per seat basis (# of POS stations)

Is Microworks Cloud based, or Premise based?

Microworks offers the best of both worlds. The primary database is installed on premise (at your winery). The system, however, is accessible remotely using a number of industry standard remote access tools and even supports an offline mode for use at Festivals or off premise events. Further, if you have signed up with one of our Ecommerce integration partners (see our partners page), your customer and member information is available online through your web-store. Customers can update their account or credit card information securely online.

How long does it take to get up and running on Microworks?

For planning and as a general purpose guideline, we suggest you plan for 6 weeks to get up and running. This of course can happen quicker, but there are a few details that need attention when moving into a new POS system such as purchasing equipment, converting data, setting up merchant accounts, training, data entry.

How do I get my data transferred into Microworks?

We ask that any data you want transferred into our system be presented to us in Excel or CSV format. We will import it for you as part of our implementation service. You may need to work with your previous vendor for assistance in pulling historical data.

Does Microworks provide the hardware I will need?

All your hardware needs can be met through our partners who provide certified compatible hardware at competitive prices. Check out our Resources page for Equipment and Supplies to find links to our partner sites.

Will Microworks work with my existing POS hardware?

As long as your existing equipment meets our minimum system requirements, then yes, we can re-use your existing hardware. Call us for a complimentary survey to find out if your equipment is compatible for re-use with our software.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Our software has two parts; Back Office and Point-of-Sale. The Point-of-Sale runs on iPad, Android, or Windows. The Back Office requirement is Windows 7 or above and Microsoft Office Professional. We do not require a server, although if you have a file server, we can install to that. For specific details, call our team to obtain a detailed list of system requirements.

Can I process credit cards through my own bank?

Microworks offers merchant services through Heartland Payment Systems. There are very compelling reasons that make this your best choice. Please contact our sales team for additional details on this.

What if I have multiple sales lcoations?

Our Multi-Site Manager product is designed to provide central management across multiple sales locations. Have two or more tasting rooms? No problem!